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There are many ways to support Pi.


Pi Theatre is grateful to all the Donors and Sponsors who have contributed so generously to our work. If you would like to join us in bringing the voices of the most audacious and relevant playwrights to life, you can donate online here, you can mail a cheque to our office, or you can stop by and donate in person. All donations are fully eligible for a tax receipt.

Our Donors
Carmen Aguirre, Joseph Bardsley, Shawn and Jessica Bouchard, Norman Armour, Michelle Bjornson, Shawn Bouchard, Aaron Bushkowski, Heather Cant, Emma Davis, Peter Davis, Lois Dawson, Sean Devine, David Diamond, Miranda Duffy, Deborah Dunaway, Sabrina Evertt, Ian Forsyth, Evan Frayne, Meghan Gardiner, Philip Harris, Thomas Hobley, Tammy Isaacson, Shaun Jackman, Kristen Johnson, David Jordan, Diane Kent, David Kerr, Connie Kostiuk, Jody Low, Rebecca Low, Cecilia Lu, Lily Lu, Pippa Mackie, Rob Maguire, Jacqueline Mather, Brendan Matkin, Scott Miller, Frank Nickel, Frank Nickel, Marlie Oden, Dawn Padget, Malcolm Page, Mindy Parfitt, Joseph Planta, Wendy Porter, Christine Quintana, Ron Reed, Jessie van Rijn, David Roberts, Brenda Rosenau, Nick Sartore, Kathryn Shaw, Danny Singer, Del Surjik and Johnna Wright, Dayna Szyndrowski, Colin Thurston, Sharon Thurston, Benjamin Unterman, Richard Wolfe, Adrienne Wong and Telus. We’d also like to acknowledge the financial assistance of the province of BC through BC Gaming.


We depend upon volunteers to help us at our productions and in our daily operations. If you’d like to spend some time helping us out, please give us a shout and let us know what you’re interested in.

We are currently recruiting passionate people to sit on our Board of Directors.

Requirements of Board Membership include:
1. Commitment to the work of Pi Theatre.
2. Knowledge and skills in one or more of board governance, marketing, finance, programs, personnel or advocacy.
3. Willingness to serve on committees.
4. Attendance at scheduled board meetings.
5. Attendance at Annual General Meetings.
6. Attendance and support of special events including productions.
7. Support of and participation in fundraising events.
8. Financial support of Pi Theatre.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

Become a Member

Membership is required to take advantage of our free ticket offer! For just $3.14, you can join the Pi Theatre Society for a year, and vote at our AGM. You can purchase membership online, or send us a cheque (please include your phone number and email address.)

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When you support Pi Theatre, you’re playing a real part in bringing the boldest and most exciting plays from Canada and around the world to life in our community.  Your contribution also helps makes it possible to keep theatre accessible for all.  Let’s build a community that values the arts as much as you do. By joining forces with us, you make so much more possible!

Visit Canada Helps to give online and receive a tax receipt.

For more information about how you can contribute to the success of Pi Theatre Productions, including opportunities to donate as an individual or a company, contact us at 604.872.1861. Our charitable registration number is 894730159 RR0001.

As a not-for-profit, registered charity, Pi Theatre is grateful for the support of the following government agencies, foundations, companies and partners who help make our work possible:



Hawthorne Charitable Foundation